Does coaching really work?

Joe came to me because he was unhappy with the pressure he felt to reach the number of billable hours his firm expected. He was falling short of expectations and didn't want to disappoint his firm or himself. The idea of hitting the number every week was daunting and uninspiring. Read more.

Who's the coach?

Donna's life experience includes building a multi-million dollar business and then selling it to a Fortune 500. Read more.

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About Coach Donna Shaw Martin

Like you, Donna's career path had curved and diverged instead of traveling in a straight line. Starting out as co-owner and manager of a real estate title insurance agency, over 17 years she grew that business from a handful of people to a staff of over 60 with five offices, managing an annual budget of $6.5 million in her final year. After successfully running her business, she sold it to a national underwriter and Fortune 500 firm in 2000. They hired her to continue running the operation for them. She stayed as CEO for five years.

During this time period, others also recognized Donna's abilities. In 2000, she was elected president of a statewide industry organization, the Ohio Land Title Association, representing 300 title businesses in the state. In that role, she helped develop state laws to govern her industry.

Besides leading, motivating and marketing her business, Donna also created and delivered continuing education training to realtors and attorneys. A Competent Toastmaster, she has spoken to both small groups and large.

Recently, Donna diverged from this career path. She wanted a new vocation where her work would impact people's lives. As a result, she attained a Certificate of Coaching Skills through the international coach training school, Results Coaching Systems, and started coaching.

Results Coaching Systems differs from other coaching processes - it's based upon recognized psychological principals and neuroscience. This scientific foundation helps Donna better understand her clients and gives her tools to more effectively help you, her client, change behaviors that hold you back from success. A bestselling author, Mr. Rock penned "Your Brain at Work," "Quiet Leadership," and "Coaching with Your Brain in Mind." A recognized leader in the coaching world, Result Coaching Systems has trained more than 10,000 coaches worldwide. Donna will soon be certified through the International Coaching Federation while also continuing her training through Results Coaching Systems.

Contact Donna to discover how science-based coaching can help you improve your business and personal success.