Does coaching really work?

Joe came to me because he was unhappy with the pressure he felt to reach the number of billable hours his firm expected. He was falling short of expectations and didn't want to disappoint his firm or himself. The idea of hitting the number every week was daunting and uninspiring. Read more.

Who's the coach?

Donna's life experience includes building a multi-million dollar business and then selling it to a Fortune 500. Read more.

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You are a smart attorney. Your successes so far have been impressive and you know you have many more victories in you. Knock down whatever is standing between you and what you really want. What are you waiting for?

Why are attorneys getting executive coaching?

To increase billable hours
Perhaps you are one of many attorneys who want to increase their billable hours without lengthening your workdays. Examining what kind of clients and legal matters are most advantageous for you and taking a hard look at hours devoted to non-billable activities can hold keys to more paying hours.

To better organize time
You can take control of your most precious commodity by examining how you schedule your days, when you do your client travel, how you can block out quiet hours with no interruptions and what kind of scheduling tools would serve you best.

Identify target markets
Finding the areas where you have the most interest and legal expertise can make work more enjoyable, more profitable and let you focus your marketing efforts effectively.

To take the dread out of networking
You can identify your most productive opportunities and learn how to turn perspective clients into paying clients. Learn how to set goals for networking events and measure the return on your investment.

Balance work and life
Partners and Associates have flexible work hours that often expand to crowd out life. The stress of one can overflow to the other. Creating boundaries and coping techniques can make you better at both life and work.

Better communicate with colleagues and clients
Heading a team in the office or building rapport with a client takes skills not necessarily learned in law school. 360 assessments can be just the tool to launch you to a new level of understanding of how you communicate now and how to do it better.

Plan for retirement
Putting together an effective plan to transition from full time to part time or to retirement can be daunting without a coach to help chart the process which may take place in months or years.

Get an accountability partner
Coaching provides accountability week to week that you are doing what you have committed to do. Often life gets in the way of accomplishing our most important goals. Having a coach committed to your success goes miles toward assuring that you will achieve it.